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module ActionText::SystemTestHelper

Public instance methods

Locates a Trix editor and fills it in with the given HTML.

The editor can be found by: * its id * its placeholder * the text from its label element * its aria-label * the name of its input


# <trix-editor id="message_content" ...></trix-editor>
fill_in_rich_text_area "message_content", with: "Hello <em>world!</em>"

# <trix-editor placeholder="Your message here" ...></trix-editor>
fill_in_rich_text_area "Your message here", with: "Hello <em>world!</em>"

# <label for="message_content">Message content</label>
# <trix-editor id="message_content" ...></trix-editor>
fill_in_rich_text_area "Message content", with: "Hello <em>world!</em>"

# <trix-editor aria-label="Message content" ...></trix-editor>
fill_in_rich_text_area "Message content", with: "Hello <em>world!</em>"

# <input id="trix_input_1" name="message[content]" type="hidden">
# <trix-editor input="trix_input_1"></trix-editor>
fill_in_rich_text_area "message[content]", with: "Hello <em>world!</em>"
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# File actiontext/lib/action_text/system_test_helper.rb, line 35
def fill_in_rich_text_area(locator = nil, with:)
  find(:rich_text_area, locator).execute_script("this.editor.loadHTML(arguments[0])", with.to_s)

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