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Action View Context

Action View contexts are supplied to Action Controller to render a template. The default Action View context is ActionView::Base.

In order to work with Action Controller, a Context must just include this module. The initialization of the variables used by the context (@output_buffer, @view_flow, and @virtual_path) is responsibility of the object that includes this module (although you can call _prepare_context defined below).

[RW] output_buffer
[RW] view_flow
Instance Public methods
_layout_for(name = nil)

Encapsulates the interaction with the view flow so it returns the correct buffer on yield. This is usually overwritten by helpers to add more behavior.

# File actionview/lib/action_view/context.rb, line 27
def _layout_for(name = nil)
  name ||= :layout

Prepares the context by setting the appropriate instance variables.

# File actionview/lib/action_view/context.rb, line 18
def _prepare_context
  @view_flow     = OutputFlow.new
  @output_buffer = nil
  @virtual_path  = nil