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module ActiveSupport::Testing::FileFixtures

Adds simple access to sample files called file fixtures. File fixtures are normal files stored in ActiveSupport::TestCase.file_fixture_path.

File fixtures are represented as Pathname objects. This makes it easy to extract specific information:

file_fixture("example.txt").read # get the file's content
file_fixture("example.mp3").size # get the file size

Public instance methods

Returns a Pathname to the fixture file named fixture_name.

Raises ArgumentError if fixture_name can’t be found.

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# File activesupport/lib/active_support/testing/file_fixtures.rb, line 26
def file_fixture(fixture_name)
  path =, fixture_name))

  if path.exist?
    msg = "the directory '%s' does not contain a file named '%s'"
    raise ArgumentError, msg % [file_fixture_path, fixture_name]

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