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module Arel



Public class methods

Wrap a known-safe SQL string for passing to query methods, e.g.

Post.order(Arel.sql("REPLACE(title, 'misc', 'zzzz') asc")).pluck(:id)

Great caution should be taken to avoid SQL injection vulnerabilities. This method should not be used with unsafe values such as request parameters or model attributes.

Take a look at the security guide for more information.

To construct a more complex query fragment, including the possible use of user-provided values, the sql_string may contain ? and :key placeholders, corresponding to the additional arguments. Note that this behavior only applies when bind value parameters are supplied in the call; without them, the placeholder tokens have no special meaning, and will be passed through to the query as-is.

The :retryable option can be used to mark the SQL as safe to retry. Use this option only if the SQL is idempotent, as it could be executed more than once.

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# File activerecord/lib/arel.rb, line 52
def self.sql(sql_string, *positional_binds, retryable: false, **named_binds)
  if positional_binds.empty? && named_binds.empty?, retryable: retryable)
  else sql_string, positional_binds, named_binds

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